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Hybrid II Dolly

Hybrid II Dolly


  • The Hybrid II incorporates the universal stop valve system
  • The Hybrid II is nickel plated for less maintenance
  • Cam-lock chassis legs
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Interchangeable wheels for different terrain conditions
  • Enclosed king pin system
  • Works on both straight or curved track
  • Variable camera head
  • Soft, hard or pneumatic tires available
  • The Hybrid II incorporates brakes on rear wheels
  • Many accessories available


Detail Imperial Metric
Maximum Camera Mount Height (with Standard 12" Riser) 6' 1 1/4" 185cm
Maximum Camera Mount Height (without Risers) 5' 1 1/4" 156cm
Minimum Camera Mount Height 15 1/4" 39cm
Min. Camera Mount Height w/ Hybrid Low Camera 90 Degree Plate 1" 3cm
Vertical Travel 3' 8" 112cm
*Maximum Payload 500lbs 227Kg
**Maximum Payload with High Post Kit 1,900lbs 862Kg
Maximum Boom Lifts (Fully Charged) 5 lifts
Chassis Maximum Length (Wheels Fully Extended) 4' 6" 137cm
Chassis Minimum Length (Wheels Fully Retracted) 3' 10" 117cm
Minimum Chassis Height for Transportation 18" 46cm
Chassis Variable Widths - Legs In 27" 69cm
Chassis Variable Widths - Legs at 12 Degree Track Position 29 1/2" 75cm
Chassis Variable Widths - Legs at 45 Degrees 37" 89cm
Chassis Variable Widths - Legs at 90 Degrees 39" 99cm
Steering Post Height 3' 91cm
Minimum Turn Radius 3' 1 1/2" 95cm
Accumulator Charging Time (110 A.C. and D.C.) < 60 seconds
Accumulator Charging Time (Hand Pump) 2.5 minutes
Minimum Door Width Hybrid Can Be Carried 18" 46cm
Carrying Weight 395lbs 179Kg
Operational Weight (w/o Payload) 463lbs 210Kg
Hybrid w/ High Post Kit Operational Weight (w/o Payload) 501lbs 227Kg

* Payload Includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Arm.
** Payload Includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Base Mount.

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